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Now Everyone Can Print in 3D

Get started in a matter of minutes with the world's simplest 3D tool!

Designed to be intuitive, the swissPen comes ready to use, with no assembly or configuration required. Just pick it up and start drawing!

Build objects and add your personal touch to toys, gadgets and gifts

There are pens

And then there's the swissPen

Why is the swissPen so instantly appealing? Because it lets you do so many things, so easily. But that's not all. It opens up a world of possibilities.

Attention has been paid to every last detail

It's almost impossible to create a device so slim and light without compromising on functionality or performance. Yet the swissPen exceeds expectations, representing a genuine feat of engineering and design. Each and every detail and material aspect – particularly the stylish ABS pen barrel – has been meticulously thought-out and optimized. And it boasts a level of production precision that rivals fine watchmaking. It fits perfectly in your hand and just as easily in your pocket.

Endless entertainment from a single reliable source

The more you use and play with it, the more you'll realize that there's virtually no limit to what you can achieve with the swissPen.

A brand new concept. The slimmest, lightest, best-performing swissPen ever.

Remarkably slim.

It might be hard to believe that something so slim can house such a combination of mechanics and electronics, all inside a superb pen barrel designed with the precision of a fine timepiece. The swissPen is a mere 1.4” thick and weighs just 7 oz. Such a feat has only been possible by studying each detail in depth, even those you can't see. The swissPen is a marvel of technology, designed for you.

The swissPen. Precision a Swiss watch would be proud of.

A pleasure to behold—and even more so to use

Countless ways of playing, working and learning, from a single reliable source

The swissPen draws by extruding plastic that has been pre-heated, allowing you to build an infinite number of shapes and objects. The swissPen offers a new way of creating artwork.

3D printing. You haven't seen anything yet.

You can hold the swissPen like you would a normal pen and draw in the air. Let your imagination run wild. Your dreams of transforming a paper drawing into a 3D object can now come true.

The swissPen. For everyone, for everything

Using the same material as 3D printers (ABS or PLA plastic), the swissPen can be used to draw in the air or on surfaces. Compact and easy-to-use, it requires no software or computer. Plug the swissPen into a standard wall socket and start drawing within minutes.

Why you'll love the swissPen

The swissPen has everything you want. It's simple but powerful, slim and light, and so versatile. It can do almost anything and become just about everything. And it's so easy to use that you can't help but love it.

What can you do with the swissPen?

The swissPen can be used in a whole host of different ways, from flat shapes to 3D objects, or to make component parts that can then be assembled. The swissPen can be used on all surfaces, including plastic, glass and paper.

  • Decorative art
  • Customized objects (computers, iPhones, etc.)
  • Jewelry, ornaments and pendants
  • 3D models

The swissPen and its accessories

Each swissPen comes with a 110V-240V power adapter. The swissPen is not a child's toy and is not recommended for children under the age of 12. It also comes with a pack of 220 plastic filaments, each about 10” long. You can choose between ABS or PLA plastic when ordering. Each pack contains an assortment of colors so that you can pick those best-suited to your project.

There are two types of plastic currently available for the swissPen: ABS and PLA.


Drawing sharp angles and edges
Drawing in the air
Building structures
Drawing on paper
Long-lasting structures on paper
Drawing on glass or metal
Creating transparent objects



What colors can you use with the swissPen?

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • And many more !
The swissPen
Can the swissPen be used by a beginner?
Yes! Anyone can use the swissPen. No training is necessary.
Is the swissPen safe? Is the swissPen safe for children?
The swissPen is NOT a toy. It has a heated tip that can reach over 446°F. Although you never need to touch the tip, the swissPen is not recommended for children under the age of 12.
Can you adjust the speed of the swissPen?
The swissPen has two speed settings: slow and fast. The speed regulates the flow of the plastic depending on the shapes you want to create or fill in. You can switch between the two speeds using the sliding button on the swissPen.
How do you load the plastic or change colors?
The plastic is loaded into the back of the swissPen. Pressing the 'forward' button causes the plastic to enter the mechanism and come out of the tip. To load a new filament, press the 'back' button to remove the plastic. You can then insert a new filament.
Does the swissPen make much noise?
The swissPen makes a slight noise equal to 20 dB.
How do you power the swissPen?
The swissPen is powered by a wall socket. The power cable is long enough for you to move about comfortably.
Can the swissPen be used anywhere in the world?
Each swissPen comes with a 100V-240V power adaptor with several different plugs (USA, EU, etc.)
Does the swissPen come with a guarantee?
Yes, the swissPen comes with a one-year guarantee covering normal use. The guarantee does not apply if you misuse the swissPen by using any other material than the one recommended or if you disassemble it.
Are there different size tips available?
Yes! You will be able to use other tips depending on the needs of your project. Visit our online store in the following weeks.
How long does it take for the swissPen to warm up?
The swissPen takes one minute to warm up. When you switch the swissPen on, the indicator light is red. When the light turns blue, the swissPen is ready to use.
The plastic
Where can I buy more plastic?
You can order packs of plastic from our online store. Our guarantee does not cover the use of plastic filament that is not approved by us. Please be aware that there are many filaments out there that are either very poor quality or the incorrect size.
Does the swissPen give off fumes or smoke? Is it toxic?
The swissPen heats the plastic, and the fumes emitted can be similar to a glue gun or 3D printer. ABS is one of the world's most widely-used plastics and PLA is a bioplastic. Fumes that are occasionally emitted by the swissPen are noticeably less potent than those coming from 3D printers.
Can I use 3 mm plastic?
No. Under no circumstances should you use 3mm filaments. You should only use 1.75mm plastic. The swissPen uses the same filaments as 3D printer processors.
Can I reuse or recycle the plastic?
Used plastic should not be reloaded into the swissPen. ABS plastic can be otherwise recycled. It should be noted that PLA is completely biodegradable!
Can I use a roll of plastic with the swissPen?
The swissPen cannot unspool a roll of filament (the way a 3D printer does). We recommend using our packs of 10” filaments. If you wish to use a roll of filament, we recommend cutting it into before use.
What are the benefits of ABS versus PLA?
Please consult our ABS vs PLA table here.
Can I use fluorescent plastic with the swissPen? Is there any included in the sample pack?
Yes, you can certainly use fluorescent plastic. Some is provided in the sample pack that comes with the swissPen.
How many samples are there in the pack that comes with the swissPen? How much do additional packs cost?
Each swissPen comes with a pack of 200 plastic filaments in your choice of ABS or PLA plastic. Each filament is approximately 10” long.
You can order additional packs from our online store. You can get 55 filaments for about CHF 9.90, 110 filaments for about CHF 19.90, 220 filaments for about CHF 29.90.
Is the plastic hot when it comes out of the tip?
Yes. The plastic is hot but touchable when it comes out of the tip.
How much plastic does it take to make some of the items in the video?
Mickey and Donald = 4–6“ of plastic
Small bridge = 4–6“ of plastic
Rabbit with carrot = 2–4“ of plastic
Crane = 10–20“ of plastic
Can I use plastics other than ABS and PLA?
We do not recommend using any material other than the swissPen-approved ABS and PLA. However, if our team finds a new plastic it considers suitable, we will inform you immediately.
Can I help you distribute the swissPen in my country?
In order to best meet the needs of our customers, we are in the process of setting up a global distribution network for swissPen sales and aftersales service. Please contact our team at distribution@swiss-3dprint.com.
Can I get swissPen for my school or institution?
Yes, absolutely! Please do not hesitate to contact us for any specific request sales@swiss-3dprint.com.
Can I offer my assistance and collaborate with swissPen?
You are more than welcome to take part in this fantastic concept. Contact us today to join us. In particular, we're looking for help producing unusual creative works, drawing boards for all swissPen users, etc.
Can the swissPen be used for professional purposes?
Yes. The swissPen is intended to be used by anyone who wishes to create 2D or 3D objects (architects, designers, engineers, artisans, street artists, etc.)
Do you deliver to my country?
Yes, we ship the swissPen anywhere in the world. We've negotiated the best shipping rates for you. Please visit our online store to calculate shipping costs.
Can I choose between ABS and PLA plastic when ordering?
Yes! You can select the plastic you want when ordering from our online store.
What colors of plastic are available?
Each swissPen comes with a pack of 220 filaments in assorted colors. However, you can order packs of other colors from our online store if you wish.